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CMSL - Medical affairs certificates - MSL

Academy of Pharmaceutical Affairs

Certified Medical Science Liaison


Be ready for MSL Assessment

Online Accredited Program by CPD United Kingdom

Cohort 18 - Online

Starting Friday, December 1st

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What we offer

Not Just a Certificate, It is a learning journey.


Medical Affairs leading role in Pharma | Critical appraisal of clinical trials and types of research studies | Presenting clinical and disease knowledge data | Searching for scientific evidence | RWE, HEOR, and Post-marketing research | KOL Engagement and Insight gathering | Pharmacovigilance | Advisory boards | Medical Affairs strategy and activities plan

Mock assessments and Mentoring

It is just the start of your learning Journey, After completing the course you will be enrolled in the mentorship program.
(Monthly Sessions on different Medical Affairs topics and Mock assessments). In addition to multiple 1 to 1 mock assessment sessions.

Assessment​ preparation

One to One coaching to plan your preparation for MSL assessment by one of our team members.

Feedback from our graduates

Program Instructor

Dr. Adham El Said

  • Pharmacist.
  • 12 years experience in Pharmaceutical field.
  • 8 years Experience in a Regional Medical Affairs role (MENA).
  • Professional certified trainer from American university in Cairo.
  • Qualified Professional trainer from ATD
  • Medical Affairs and soft skills trainer

Become a Certified MSL (CMSL)

By the end of the program you will be able to:

(Full content available in program content handbook)

    1. Understand MSL Role and required Competencies. 
    2. Answering common interview questions.
    3. Critically appraise Clinical trial. + (Mock Assessment).
    4. Create medical strategy and implement different medical activities during the product life cycle.
    5. Create KOL list and How to Effectively engage with them.
    6. Understand Clinical trial terminologies.
    7. Professionally present each section of clinical trial + (Clinical trial template).
    8. Interpret Guidelines and Respond to Medical inquiry.
    9. Understand different types and objectives of Post-marketing studies.
    10. How to manage Advisory boards and Key challenges to overcome.
    11. Role of MSL in Risk Management and Safety Education to HCPs.

Online Live Program for ease of attendance.

  • 28 Hours of Live interactive sessions. (Microsoft teams)
  • 1 to 1 graduation discussion session.
  • Free Access to the Medical Affairs Mentorship program (Monthly development sessions).
  • Free Support before MSL Assessment (1 to 1 coaching session).
  • Access to Public Speaking Mini course (4 hours course).
  • Access to Records for 1 year.
  • Payment by Credit card or bank transfer.


  • Understanding Pharmaceutical Industry regulations.
  • Role of MSL with different departments in pharmaceutical company.
  • Why you need to be a Medical Science Liaison?
  • What are the Medical Science liaison Job responsibilities?
  • What are your competencies to be a Medical Science Liaison?
  • Understand different types of Observational studies.
  • Understand the Randomized controlled study design.
  • Understand measure of associations (hazard ration and Relative Risk).
  • Understand different sections of trial.
  • Different designs used in trials.
  • How to interpret demographics table.
  • Understand P value and Confidence interval.
  • Understand Results Interpretations.
  • How to present different sections of clinical trials according to meeting objectives.
  • Slide Structure.
  • Main items to include in clinical trial presentation.
  • How to add reference your presentation.
  • Different Reference styles.
  • How to search for clinical evidence. (PICO Search)
  • How read clinical guidelines grading system.
  • How to respond to medical inquiry.
  • How to Respond to Off-label use inquiry.
  • Creating Standard response document.
  • Types of postmarking research.
  • Different Objectives of Phase 4 studies and IIS.
  • Role of Medical affairs in Phase 4 research & ISS.
  • Role of Phase 4 studies in post launch activities.
  • Principals of Good clinical practice.
  • How to identify your KOL according to disease area?
  • How to create a KOL Map?
  • How to engage KOL in medical activities? 
  • How to develop speakers for your product?
  • What is insights? How to get them?
  • Guidance for Proactive and Reactive interaction with KOL. 
  • How to prepare medical affairs strategy.
  • How to make therapeutic area analysis?
  • Types of Medical affairs activities during Pre-launch phase.
  • Objectives of Medical affairs activities. 
  • Medical affairs activities during product life cycle.
  • Medical Affairs Dashboard.
  • Different types of Advisory boards.
  • How to select Advisory board attendees.
  • How to prepare for advisory board.
  • How to report advisory board.
  • Pharmacovigilance basics.
  • Role of Medical affairs in supporting drug safety.
  • Risk management plans.
  • DHCPL and Adverse event reporting.

You can access full webinar on MSL Role from the below link

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