Introduction to Health Economics Outcome Research

Available as online - on demand program

Why Introduction to HEOR – Live Course

Available as online LIVE program

  • 12 hours of online live sessions in 4 weeks. ( 1 session weekly)
  • Hand-on case study examples from different countries to allow discussions and ensure your understanding.

Following completion of the course, attendees will have an understanding of the following:

  • What is Health-Economics Outcomes Research?
  • History Evolution of HEOR
  • What is “Value”?
  • Types of HEOR studies
  • Applications of HEOR in health policy decision making
  • Future trends in HEOR

Program Content

Module 1:

Introduction to Economics
Health Care Decisions
Stakeholders Objectives & Challenges

Module 3:

What is Value & How to Calculate it?
Types of Pharmacoeconomic Studies

Module 2:

Types of Pharmacoeconomic Studies Quick Overview
Comprehensive Cost estimation

Module 4:

Health Care Decision Making Process
Pharmacoeconomic Analysis Framework
Holistic Evaluation Approaches
Health Technology Assessment

Program Instructor

Dr. Sherif Khaled

  • Dr. Sherif Khaled is an MBA holder Pharmacist with over 13 years experience in different multinational companies in the Pharmaceutical field. 
  • He has progressed in roles of increasing responsibility in medical affairs and has a middle-eastern experience in his current Regional Medical Affairs role.
  • Dr. Sherif Khaled is also a professional certified trainer from American university in Cairo.