Master your Clinical Trial Presentation

Clinical Trials Masterclass

For Medical Representatives and MSLs
In-depth Knowledge at scientific papers and the tools used to evaluate them

Be confident in your scientific discussions with HCPs and KOLs

Program Outline

By the end of the program you will be able to: 

  1. Understand difference between different clinical trial designs. 
  2. Understand Strengths and weakness of each clinical trial design. 
  3. Extract the most important information from a paper.
  4. Critically appraise Clinical articles ( RCTs). + ( Template of Appraisal) 
  5. Common Definitions and terminologies used in Clinical articles.
  6. Create a clinical trials slide kits. + (Template)
  7. Know how to present each part of the clinical trial effectively. 
  8. How create an effective presentation in your meeting with HCPs. 
  9. Free Bonus: Access to 4 hours Public speaking session. 

Program Duration 

  • 2 Full Days followed by Graduation session.
  • Online via Microsoft teams

Graduation session ( for certification) 

  • 1 to 1 presentation on a prespecified clinical trial. 
  • Feedback for future development. 


  • Monthly sessions to practice presenting clinical trials and follow up with the development plan. 

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